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Relationships in Business and Life

Relationships in Business and Life

You’ve heard that relationships in business are critical, doing business with people you know, that’s great advice. How do you get to know them? It’s clear to me that knowing your audience, customers and employees, can have an impact on you personally and professionally. Getting to know PEOPLE first, is the foundation to a strong relationship.  In business, many cut to the chase, and wonder why they’re not successful.

A Pandora commercial connected wives merely by their charm bracelets. I wish it were always that easy but there’s no replacement for face to face interaction and asking the right questions.  People generally like to talk about “Themselves”.  Take the time to listen and get to know them.  Yes, it takes some time and effort but in the long run you’ve made a friend, contact, colleague or resource that can span a lifetime.

It’s not just about business but getting to know people as individuals. Make it your passion to know who “they” really are, learn about their family, their interests and their position or viewpoint. Their STORIES interest me and I often realize there are many common threads to our journey of being. Whether an entrepreneur, business leader, or domestic goddess, the struggles are real, their powerful and it reinforces the connectedness that is forged in our success timeline.

At TMD I take the time to get to know my customers and seek to understand their unique needs as a business owner. The example I show is not only for customers but also for my “Team Awesome”. I listen and learn about each unique person in the organization. I measure their strengths and help them to be the most successful person they can be. If not for them, their loyalty and commitment the mission would fail. Brick by Brick we’ve built a trustworthy relationship to include responsiveness and commitment to always support the mission. You and your Team must represent your core values at all times.

A leader needs to give credit where credit is due. Give back when you can because it will bless you 10 fold, recognize the above and beyond efforts of your team and tell them you think they’re a “big deal”.  If you’ve ever been an employee you know how good that feels!!  Keep inspiring, because we should always lift others as we climb!

On our journey to serve, remember that your inspiration has a ripple effect and can lead to positive change so go out there and make a difference wherever you can.  May 2017 inspire, ignite, and encourage you.

Now go and make a difference!

Getting to know them, getting to know what you need to know

“Getting to know them, getting to know what you need to know.” is an article written by Caroline Taylor, RN and President of Taylor Made Diagnostics.  The article was written to help Employers in creating a Cohesive team to which could be a company’s roadmap to success.  The article was published in Inside Business – The Hampton Roads Business Journal, Tuesday, June 2, 2015

According to a study provided by Leadership IQ, 46 percent of hired applicants will fail within 18 months, and 19 percent will achieve unequivocal success.

Does success or failure tie into technical expertise? One would think so, but no.

Poor interpersonal skills are the main reason for job failure. In search of the right fit for your company, remember that you are hiring for both skill and excellence in attitude.

Typically, the interviewing process focuses on technical skill for just about every job position, and while that must be critiqued and qualified, the real issues are about coachability, emotional intelligence, motivation and temperament. Do technical skills tip the scale when you have an employee who demonstrates aggressive behavior, avoids team-building activities and is generally not willing to accept and complete job responsibilities? At Taylor Made Diagnostics, we test for skill prior to an interview. (more…)

Reduce Absenteeism and Health Issues with the Right Wellness Program

Originally published in Inside Business

First, let’s explore why wellness programs work. Both the chance of absenteeism and the demand for more serious medical services is reduced. On-the-job injuries leading to workers’ compensation claims are lessened. Disability management costs are reduced. Best of all, employee morale is strengthened. You know all of this, but what makes for the best wellness program for your employees?

In a recent survey by the Northwestern Life Insurance Company, 46% of workers reported that their job is very stressful. Problems at work are more strongly associated with health complaints than are any other life stressor – more than financial problems or family problems. Stress is hard to define, but we know it exists today in our worker’s lives, and even those responsibilities outside of work, from raising children to caring for elders and poor financial decisions, all impact the performance of employees. (more…)