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Taylor Made Diagnostics answers some frequently asked questions about our business and occupational medicine.

Why is teaming with an Occupational Health provider important to an Employer's bottom line?

What should employees or job candidates bring when they visit Taylor Made Diagnostics?

What are your hours of operation and facility location?

Do you accept Walk-Ins?

Who do I contact to discuss my account billing charges or to update current contact information or make changes to our company protocol?

How do I set up an account with Taylor Made Diagnostics?

How can I learn more about Workplace drug testing, types and/or federally regulated programs such as DOT or to ensure corporate compliance?

How long will it take to get drug test results?

Why is pre-employment fit-for-duty testing a good idea?

Can you help an employer create the job specific physical ability requirements?

Why use TMD for a workers compensation injury?

What is the difference between first aid and a recordable treatment?

Can you help an employer to develop a return to work/fit for duty program?

How can my company benefit from your On-site Medical Services?

What services do you offer on-site?

How can an Employer access your mobile services?