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Flu Vaccination

It may still be warm outside, however, flu season is just around the corner and Taylor Made Diagnostics is ready. The best protection against the seasonal flu for your staff is the flu vaccine!

We will help you protect your workforce and reduce the cost of absenteeism by providing your employees with an on-site influenza vaccination clinic. Have only a few employees? No problem, your employees can visit our clinic by calling to schedule an appointment @ 757-494-1688 or walk-ins welcome.

To schedule your on-site clinic, please complete the attached form and fax to: 757-494-1973 or email to: Kstewart@tmd.bz. If you prefer, you may also contact Kay Stewart, Mobile Manager directlyto schedule or to answer any of your questions. Ms. Stewart can be reached at 757-435-9534 or via email at kstewart@tmd.bz.

It’s Time to Schedule On-Site Employee Flu Vaccinations!

Who Should Get the Flu Shot?
According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…Everyone!!!!!

What are the Benefits to the Employers?
The benefits that the flu shot has for employers are just as compelling as those for employees,which makes it easy to see why so many workplaces have started offering them.

  • Fewer Absences—From a productivity standpoint, the flu vaccine reduces the chance that employees will contract the flu and be out for days at a time. In turn, productivity takes less of a hit, especially during flu season
  • Shows That Employers Care—Employers who take a vested interest in the health and well being of their employees demonstrate that they care. This not only enhances the employer's image, but boosts workplace morale as well.
  • Illnesses Are Contained—Rather than running like wildfire through a workplace, a flu stands less of a chance of wreaking havoc when employees have received the flu shot. This helps keep productivity humming right along!