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Safety Director Joe Lavender describes Oceaneering International’s experience with Taylor Made Diagnostics’ occupational health services. Mr. Lavender highlights the effective communication that they have enjoyed while working with TMD.

Transcript: It’s no secret that the ship repair industry is an aging workforce overall. It’s important that we take care of the folks we have and just give them the best care that that we can
provide for them through Taylor Made.

Oceaneering’s local branch is the Marine Services Division and we primarily do repairs on US Navy submarines and some other ship repair work. Taylor Made Diagnostics is one of the few I’ve ever come across that deals solely with occupational health care therefore they understand our industry. They are familiar with the type of injuries that occur in our industry and how to best treat those.

I remember when when she started with humble beginnings in a rented bank building.

The communication is very good. We don’t have to explain to them each time who we are and worry about insurance issues and all of those types of things. When we bring someone to Taylor Made the doctor or physician’s assistant who provides the care for that person personally calls you after the care has been given and lets you know exactly what was done what you can expect with this person and any follow-up care that’s needed. So that’s huge for us that we can actually talk to the person and get a good understanding of what’s going on. You can’t get that in most places.

How Can We Serve Your Business' Occupational Health Needs?

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