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It was all monkey business as the Taylor Made Team, aka Team Awesome, had a day of fun and team building at the Adventure Park.  Although we had some challenging moments, staff were smiling on every platform, and came away feeling accomplished and super hungry! We all worked together to cheer each other on as we climbed through the treetops and zipped through the adventure.


The comments from the staff where inspiring and further showed, you can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself and work as a team:

The Adventure Park experience allowed me to connect with a very different inner part of myself.  Being able to complete those obstacle courses showed me how to face some of my fears head on.  I am a big punk when it comes to heights but trusting in myself and the inspiration that I got from all of my peers got me through it.  It was very big for me! I literally had to show proof to my family and friends that I went zip lining.  Great experience. Many thanks TMD!!!
~ Marilyn Harding, RN- Clinical Manager

I saw my co-workers with new eyes!  Together we accomplished things I didn’t think we were capable of! I had one (Stella) in front of me, assessing  and directing our 3 person team on the best way to boldly traverse each obstacle, and I had the other one (Ed Estes) behind me encouraging me every step, climb and zip of the way! I couldn’t have done it without their help!
~ Gina Brantley, Accounts Administrator

It was fun a nice little Post Army workout.
~ Crystal Wilcox, MA-Datia Certified Drug and Alcohol technician.

My experience at “The Adventure Park” showed me how well my coworkers work together and how I can improve my own team player skills.
~ Carissa MacCallum, Receptionist

Great experience! Everyone was so helpful and encouraging to one another. Everyone truly worked as a team! Great job Team Awesome!!
~ Chris Midgett, Office Manager

Congratulations to our two dare devils: Domingo Solomon, PA-C and Lito Mayaen, XRT who made it to through one of the toughest courses and got to zip line across Owls creek.  Wow, what a Rush!

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