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Caroline Taylor has always said. “If you can creatively provide a solution to a problem then you have the right ingredients to start a business”. That’s just what Caroline did.  The problem was the time employees were away from their job for company directed medical services.  When an employee is sent to a general clinic, his time away from the job averages up to 4 hours.  What?  They are being paid the entire time they are away.  Caroline’s solution was to go to them, and Caroline’s mobile team and medical unit did just that.  She began by going to the companies and providing occupational medical services on site:  annual physicals, drug and hearing testing, immunizations, which took minutes not hours.  Caroline began with Ford Motor Company, SPSA, HRSD, and they all realized how significantly these onsite services impacted their bottom line.    TMD’s on site medical unit and team streamlined a once logistically difficult requirement to an easily managed and successful turnkey process.  Many of TMD’s companies have hundreds of employees and meeting the federal and state OSHA compliance requirements was daunting.  Problem solved!  TMD’s services were so well received by TMD customers that they encouraged Caroline to open a clinic to meet the other medical needs such as worker’s comp treatment, x-rays and physicals for those who missed the mobile unit for various reasons, such as vacation or illness.

In 1998, TMD opened the first office and in 2009, purchased space in the Gateway building in South Norfolk.  TMD’s niche is the fact that we ONLY provide Industrial Medicine to our customers. We do not blend other specialties like family practice or pediatrics.  TMD’s commitment has been to stay focused on one niche and do it with all our heart and soul and that’s just what we’ve done.  TMD’ sole operation hinges on commitment to service excellence by getting employees through the doors and back to work in an efficient and streamlined manner.  Over the past 20 years, TMD has remained true to this focus.  By doing so, our average service times for comprehensive physicals are 1: 45 minutes, way below the national average, and if you just need a single service such as drug testing or immunizations, our service times average is 15-30 minutes.

Innovation has directed TMD to develop our own proprietary occupational health software allowing us to continue to build efficient data structures for our growing companies and meeting compliance issues.   Innovation continues, as TMD customers requested TMD to provide physical ability screens which determines workers’ ability to perform the essential functions of the position and to determine any limitations which could be reasonably accommodated. TMD’s management team worked with Jeff Hartline, MPT, and President of Southeastern Physical Therapy, to develop the physical testing criteria based on the job description.  SPT and TMD then worked with BAE Systems, who constructed, within SPT’s facility, a shipyard simulator with a gangway, manholes and a vertical ladder etc. to complete the physical testing process, which is currently being used by BAE, DoD contractors, and various other industry types.  TMD has made a significant difference in Industrial Medicine by understanding what  local employers would expect and need from an occupational medicine provider —relationship driven service, responsiveness, convenience, positive attitude, reasonable pricing, accuracy, ease of use.  As stated by Caroline Taylor, “I was determined 20 years ago to develop a service which could ease the burden on employers. “What we learned from that initial start with the only mobile medical unit in Hampton Roads was a philosophy for business integrity and a truly positive experience for our customers while exceeding their expectations by offering time-efficient, cost-effective, compliant, quality service whether we’re at an employer’s site or in our own facility. Today, we meet the needs of our customers, many who began with us in 1995 and are still with us, by offering both mobile and clinic facilities.”

The philosophy for delivering exceptional customer service comes very natural to the TMD Team.  It’s the life’s blood of the organization and our most valuable asset, our TMD Team. Many of the 18 Taylor Made employees have been with the company for more than 10 years. Taylor and her Operations Director, Stella McClain, have been building and maintaining a cohesive leadership team. We are creating organizational clarity with consistent messages which were developed from our core values: responsiveness, commitment to service excellence and innovation. “TMD’s values are apparent from the smiling faces, interactions and surveys from their customers.   TMD doctors, Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, RN’s, LPN, X-ray technicians, medical assistants and administrative team work so cohesively that they run as a well-oiled machine.  We certainly aren’t perfect but how we handle those imperfections is priceless.  Responsiveness, innovation and commitment,   that’s what we do and who we are.   Our customers know us, see us often, and help us to be the best we can be.  We want to thank our many customers for giving us a chance to show them they matter, challenging us to meet their ever changing compliance needs, working together to enhance our services by focused diversification related to Industrial medicine and by trusting us to take care of their most valuable asset, their employees.  We are so blessed and grateful for such wonderful customers and patients.

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