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Dr. Michael Picio our Medical Director explains what Occupational Medicine is and how it can benefit your company.

Transcript: Hi, I’m Dr. Michael Picio. I’m the Occupational Medicine Specialist and the Medical Director here at Taylor Made Diagnostics. We’re here to protect the health of your business and we do that by providing you the best occupational medicine care available for 25 years.

I’ve been a family medicine physician and I’ve done that on active duty in the Navy. You go out to sea you’re already in an industrial medicine environment. A ship is nothing more than a big floating factory. You’re already managing programs like hearing conservation and heat stress and radiology and ready radiation health. So these skills which I was already trained in now I’ve been doing every day. I wanted to formalize that to be an actual occupational medicine specialist.

I’ll summarize what occupational medicine is in just a quick fundamental phrase. It’s the specialty of preventive medicine and the diagnosis, treatment and management of workplace related injuries, disabilities and illnesses.

Objectively, studies have even shown in journals and publications that patients do get better faster and they recover much more quickly if they stay engaged in work. And that’s better for the company line because the bottom line is that they’ll make money. They’ll keep that patient engaged there’ll be more productive if they keep the patient at work.

It’s a different intellectual challenge that you bring to this job. The intellectual challenge of investigating whenever patients have illnesses that aren’t quite clear cut when they come in from work and the intellectual challenge of figuring out how to diagnose it, treat it, manage it and get the patient back to work.

If you come to Taylor Made Diagnostics not only are you going to experience the best occupational medicine available and the delivery of that but we’re going to be serving your company as if you’re the only company we have. We’re going to make sure that your patients are going to get the best care possible as if they’re the only patients we have today.

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