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Workers’ Compensation

Why use Taylor Made Diagnostics for Your Workers’ Compensation Care?

  Minimize costly lost days due to Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Fast track system to reduce wait times for injury care

Customized programs designed to avoid recordable injuries

Develop strategies that reduce Experience Modification Rates (E-Mods)

Did you know that the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) recently announced that it is revising the way that E-Mods are being calculated… and those changes will drastically impact what companies are currently paying for their Workers’ Compensation program?

Taylor Made Diagnostics has been providing Occupational Medicine and Workers’ Compensation Care for over 20years. We are not only the only medical facility in the Hampton Roads, Virginia area focusing entirely on Workers’ Compensation care and occupational medicine, but we know how to help you reach your goals in managing and reducing Workers’ Compensation costs for your company.

Taylor Made Diagnostics will provide your business with an occupational program customized for your employee population and industry that will help you to minimize lost days due to workers’ compensation injury and reduce associated costs through early detection, intervention, appropriate treatment and timely case management of employee health issues.

  • We specialize in Workers’ Compensation Management and understand the needs of the employer for the Return To Work Program (TMD clients are from companies only; not the general population).
  • Minimize costly lost days due to Workers Compensation injuries while offering strategies to lower Experience Modification Rates. We don’t send patient home we send them back to work!!
  • No unnecessary prescriptions!! A decrease in OSHA recordable—we know how to help.
  • You will get a phone call from the Provider after every worker’s compensation visit to discuss care and treatment plan.
  • Significantly reduced pricing for Physical Therapy, Sleep Apnea Studies, and MRI/CT testing through TMD specialty network.
  • We are knowledgeable in OSHA Recordable requirements to avoid a recordable if and when possible.
  • TMD’s Medical Director is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine.
  • Worker’s Compensation visits are seen before any other patients to reduce wait times.
  • TMD provides post-accident drug and alcohol testing and have a MRO on staff. One stop-shop
  • We communicate to the designated representative to discuss the care and deliver the prognosis after every visit and before the employee leaves our office.
  • Produce better overall outcomes at comparatively better total cost over the course of an injury or illness. (High-quality care produces better outcomes for workers and better value for payers)
  • Board Certified Orthopedic physician to provide definitive orthopedic care for fractures and dislocations, while allowing quicker access to care without the need for costly outside referrals.

TMD comprehensive services support ALL of your occupational health and medical care needs to include:   Pre-Employment Physicals/Screening, DOT/Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Screening, Fitness-For-Duty Examinations, Medical Surveillance, and Customized Wellness Programs.

For more information, contact Stella McClain @ smcclain@tmd.bz or 757-494-1688.