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Why a TMD Bowling Extravaganza? Andrew Smallwood, EHS Supervisor, General Dynamics and a longtime customer, suggested that a fun, informal setting would bring together many of our customers as we have all known each other and worked together on various contracts. He felt it would be like a family reunion, and it was!

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In August, TMD’s 20th Anniversary celebration brought together the employees of over 25 companies throughout Hampton Roads for a team-spirited TMD Bowling Extravaganza at Chesapeake’s AMF bowling center.  The entire event was filled with fun for all and lot of great feedback, such as:

“What a great idea!”

“This is the most creative customer appreciation I have seen a company do, ever!”

“Please do it again next year!”

The TMD employees were totally involved in the planning and when the day arrived, they got to have as much fun as the participants. Every detail, from the staff designed t-shirts they proudly wore to laughing over their selections of incredible costumes with TAPSNAP photography for their own team pictures made a day to remember in TMD history! Thank you, TMD team!

Thanks To TAPSNAP Phototainment, all teams created their own group pictures clad in a wide range of costumes: funky hats and unique glasses, all in various fun and wild background settings and more. Each company received a photo to capture their memories along with a lot of good laughs while trying to out bowl each other and the rest of the teams. Even Chesapeake Economic Development came out to try to compete with many of the companies which are located in Chesapeake. The bowling champs were all smiles (first place team was Norfolk Tug Company and the second place team was Colonna’s Shipyard).  Both teams received gift cards. What a great day at work, right!   Hearty, hungry maritime, construction and other industry employees (and for that matter, even our very own Southern Bank bankers, Southeastern Physical Therapy, and the Small Business Administration found a feast of the “make your own “Fiesta” bar with lots of extra sides and beverages. The celebration cake (one side chocolate and one side vanilla) was a hit along with the cupcakes. Of course, with special thanks to our Chesapeake city Mayor Alan Krasnoff and Chesapeake city Council Woman Suzie Kelly who were there to congratulate the teams and TMD.

To round out the day and give back to the community, the TMD team held a 50/50 raffle and accepted donations to support the H.E.R Shelter (Help & Emergency Response, Inc.), raising more than $500 to support their new Shelter opening in Chesapeake later this year.

Thank you so much to all those who joined us! We appreciate all that you do to support the economy and wonderful lifestyle we share in Hampton Roads!

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